Download Telephonic Instructions for 341 Meetings
Adobe Acrobat document [167.7 KB]

1.   TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE REQUIRED:  The §341 Meeting Notice will no longer have a street address for place of meeting, but will now include a phone number and participant number which will be used for each call-in 341 meeting. The phone number and participant numbers are different for each Trustee so PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THE NOTICE.

2.   PHOTO IDENTIFICATION & SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER VERIFICATION MUST be sent to me with the other requested documents through the document upload portal AT LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE SCHEDULED 341 MEETING. A DECLARATION MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION. Without these, the meeting cannot take place. 

3.  THERE WILL BE NO OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE DOCUMENTS AT THE 341 MEETING.  All documents must be provided timely and as detailed in this website. Failure to provide ALL documents will result in a continuance. 

4.  DEBTORS WITH ATTORNEYS:  It is NOT necessary that the Debtor be in your office for the call.  Debtor(s) can call from their location and you can call in from yours.  Since you will not have the opportunity to greet and speak with your client at the 341 Room, PLEASE be sure your clients are prepared for their meeting in advance of the call.  Be sure they have read and are familiar with the U.S. Trustee Guidelines as they must affirmatively answer that question as part of the 341 meeting.  

5. ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS:  Debtors should have their bankruptcy documents available in the event there are questions about

the information in the documents.

6.  INTERPRETER:  To assist with the efficient handling of telephone 341 meetings, please advise me via email (trustee@ntmlawfirm.com) at LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE MEETING if your client will need an interpreter. Include the Debtor name, case number, and date and time of the 341 Meeting. 

7. CREDITORS:   Creditors will have received notice and are entitled to dial into the specific time slot for the case and will be provided an opportunity for questioning the Debtor(s).

8.  YOU MUST CALL IN AT THE SPECIFIC TIME. The 341 Notice will also give a SPECIFIC TIME for each 341 meeting (e.g., April 30, 2020 at 8:30 AM).   There are multiple cases scheduled for each half-hour slot.   ONLY the attorney and the Debtors should be on the call.  Family members, friends or additional staff should NOT be on a separate phone using the call-in numbers.  The extra participation slots are for creditors and/or the U. S. Trustee.   YOU CANNOT CALL IN EARLY AND YOU CANNOT BE LATE:  In order for this to work efficiently, everyone needs to do their part to follow the procedure.  If you are not prepared to go forward at your designated time, the case will be rescheduled. 

9.  DIALING IN:  You must use a touch-tone phone to participate.  Landline preferred:  If you have a choice, use a landline phone instead of a cell phone.  Do not use a speaker phone.  Dial the call-in number and then enter the passcode, which consists of 7 numbers and is followed by a # sign.  Immediately place your phone on mute until your case is called.  DO NOT PUT THE PHONE ON HOLD AT ANY TIME AFTER THE CALL IS CONNECTED.  If you become disconnected before your Meeting is finished, call back promptly. 

10. RECORDING PROHIBITED:  341 Meetings will be recorded by the bankruptcy trustee. Any other recordings are prohibited.

11.  QUIET PLEASE:  Make the call from a quiet area where there is as little background noise as possible.  As more than one Meeting will be held during this period, listen for your case to be called. When your case is called, unmute your phone and identify yourself. When speaking during your case, identify yourself each time you speak. Once the 341 Meeting is finished, hang up.