1. All keys and alarm codes for the business or any vehicles; 
  2. Proof of Insurance for all assets (real and personal property), insurance policies and binders of insurance relative to the operation of business, any real property, liability, assets, etc.; and 
  3. The location and address of the branch for all bank accounts, security deposits, utility deposits, and accounts receivable.  


THE FOLLOWING MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE TRUSTEE NO LATER THAN TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS:  (No mailing or faxing of documents.  All documents must be uploaded through TRUSTECOLLABORATIVE (click here) and you must bring the upload receipt to the First Meeting of Creditors.) 


  1. Names and addresses of all current Corporate Officers, with the names and addresses of all Corporate Officers and Directors of any corporation or entity associated with the Debtor, including terms of office, for the past three (3) years. 
  2. Every inventory of the Debtor’s premises conducted by or on behalf of any party within the last two (2) years. 
  3. Tax returns filed with any entity within the last 3 years by or on behalf of the Debtor. 
  4. All books and records of the Debtor for the last two (2) years, including but not limited to accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll records, and bank records including but not limited to all bank statements and canceled checks. 
  5. Any financial statements prepared by or on behalf of the Debtor within the last two (2) years, whether or not actually submitted to any third party. 
  6. Copies of all statements for each Debtor’s depository and investment accounts, including checking, savings and money market accounts, mutual funds and brokerage accounts for the six (6) months preceding the bankruptcy filing through the petition date. The statements must show the balance(s) on the Petition Date. 
  7. Copies of deeds and/or titles for any properties held in the Debtor’s name, or in which the Debtor has an ownership interest. 
  8. Any documentation relative to the transfer of any property, or equipment (other than the sale of inventory in the ordinary course of business) from the Debtor’s premises within one (1) year of filing bankruptcy. 
  9. Any documents relative to lawsuits which the Debtor was a party within the last two (2) years. 
  10. Any documents relative to a loss of Debtor’s assets, if any within the last two (2) years, including but not limited to police reports, insurance claims and settlement documentation. 
  11. Copy of any leases to which Debtor has been a party within the last two (2) years. 
  12. Completed Business Debtor Form and copies of all documentation above.
  13. Completed Motor Vehicle/Boat/Other Vessel Form.